Your website home page is like the shop window for your business and is therefore one of the biggest factors affecting how customers perceive you. Businesses in 2017 cannot afford to have a bad website and, with this in mind, here are some tips for designing the best home page for your business.

1. It should tell people what you do

It sounds simple and obvious, but many businesses forget that customers from all over the world will be visiting their website, not just locals. If you sell handmade jewellery, then those words need to feature on your homepage; if you design food packaging, you need to tell people that. Your name may not be enough to tell people what you do and it's really important that you add that to your home page.

2. It should showcase your identity

Whether it's the colours you use, the font of your text or the tone of your information - your website should be a reflection of you and your company. Make sure you choose a theme that really suits your sector; there's plenty of guidance on our site, so you can try out different themes until you find the best fit.

3. It should draw people in

Just like a shop window, your home page should grab the user's attention and offer them something special and unique - what are your USPs, and how are you going to communicate them? Your design should be interesting and should stand out from other sites.

4. It should show them where to go next

The best websites show users a clear path to follow. Make sure you have clickable links to other pages, guiding users through your website so they can find exactly what they need. Have clickable sections for your most popular pages, as they'll be the ones most people want to see.

5. It should fit the customer's expectations

Have a look at similar websites to find out if there are any design rules that your users will expect from your site. Your design choices should be geared towards your target customer and what they expect from your business. If you're a professional, a high-end consultancy or you're selling a rustic, homemade product, your website should look totally different.

6. You should love it!

You're the one who knows your business the best and it's important that when your homepage loads, you feel proud of it. Create the perfect website with Webinstant and make sure it's one that feels right for your business; no matter what you do, it's your baby and it deserves the very best website.